Spectra Viewer, Organizer, Data Preparation and Property Blocks


Documentation for package ‘spectrino’ version 2.0.0

Help Pages

spectrino-package Spectra viewer, organizer, data preparation and property blocks
spnActGrp Get/Set active group in the top tab
spnActTree Get/Set active tree (the top tab)
spnChartBlock Initialization of block's chart
spnCheck Check spectrino object existance
spnDelBlock Delete a block from the current group of blocks
spnDelGrp Delete a group(s) in the top tab/spec-tree
spnDelSpc Delete a spec from a group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnDelTree Delete a tree / tab
spnFree Release of Spectrino
spnGetBlockNames Names of all properies of a block or all the blocks names
spnGetGrp Get a group data in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetGrpCount Number of groups loaded in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetGrpName Get the group name by index in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetProperty Get a property value from a block
spnGetRefer Get common X values in a vector of the active group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetSpc Get the vector of specific spec in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetSpcChecked Gets the vector of the state of spec checking boxes of Grp group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetSpcCount Number of spectra in Grp spec-group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetSpcName Gets the spec name with an index SpcIdx from Grp group
spnGetTree Gets specs from all the groups of the top tab/spec-tree
spnGetTreeNames Get a vector of tree names or filenames
spnInstallApp Install Spectrino application from spectrino website or local zip file
spnIsError Check for spectrino error in a function result
spnIteration Iteration control in blocks
spnLogBlock Log to a blocks log or in the console
spnNew Initialization of Spectrino
spnOpenBlock Open a block of properties
spnOpenGroupOfBlocks Open a group of blocks
spnOpenGrp Opens/Creates a spec-group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnOpenSpc Open spec in spec-group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnOpenTree Open a spec-tree in a new tab
spnOpenTree Open a spec-tree in the top tab/spec-tree
spnSaveBlock Save a block of properties
spnSaveGroupOfBlocks Save the current Group of Blocks
spnSaveGrp Save a spec-group in the top tab/spec-tree
spnSaveTree Save the top (active) spec-tree with the preprocessing options.
spnSetPPOpt Set pre-processing options of Spectrino top spec-tree
spnSetProperty Set a property value in a block
spnSetSpcChecked Set checked state of spec(s) in the top tab/spec-tree
spnSetVis Set Spectrino application to be visible or hidden
spnSourceBlock Get the source from a block and optionally execute it
spnValidation Validation of Spectrino